The left would have you believe Trump rode a wave of racism to victory: a rising white nationalist movement bringing about the second coming of Hitler. In their mind the photo above is not a completely inaccurate portrayal of the future of our country. The left is delusional: the racist campaign they imagined never existed. While the Trump victory likely had a racial component, it’s not the one the left thinks it is.

Louisiana, David Duke, and Gary Johnson

We can see evidence of this in Louisiana, a state notorious for racism. It’s home of the KKK’s David Duke, and an analysis of Tweets found Louisiana generates the highest rate of derogatory Tweets than any other state. I even hear anecdotal stories that some parts of Louisiana still have racially segregated proms. WTF! This is 2016, not 1916!

Louisiana is also home of a unique system for electing Senators that gives a glimpse into how much race played a factor in the election. November 8 was not their real Senate election. Rather, a long slate of names appeared on the ballot. The top two vote winners in this ballot then move on to a second round election later this year. That is where the real Senator is chosen.

This long slate of names included none other than KKK grand wizard David Duke. In a normal election, someone might say “I prefer the Green party candidate, but he can’t win so I’ll go for the Democrat so my vote counts.” That phenomenon doesn’t occur in this first round. If you are a swastika-tattooed redneck who really prefers David Duke, you can vote for Duke and not worry about the Republican losing to the Democrat because your vote doesn’t really count at this phase: even if the Republican comes in second place, he still goes on the second round where you can cast the real vote.

In other words, if there were a massive groundswell of white nationalism then Duke should have done very well. He came in 7th place with 3% of the vote. 3% is still too high, but that’s 3% in arguably the most racist state in the country. In actual swing states that determined the election (and voted for Obama), like Ohio and Pennsylvania, we can only expect a small fraction of that, a number significantly lower than the number of Socialists I’d estimate amongst the Democrats. Thus this 3% represents a significant inflation of Duke’s popularity nationwide. (And to be fair, the Democrats also have their share of black nationalists that are just as bigoted as Duke.)

Painting of Ron Paul

Not our president. 🙁

Compare that to Libertarian Gary Johnson. Unlike Duke’s election, Johnson’s election “counted.” This pressured many libertarians to abandon Johnson and vote for a lesser evil between Trump or Clinton. Thus his vote total underestimates real support for libertarianism, yet nationwide he still did better than Duke’s inflated results. This shows libertarianism has significantly more popular support than racism. Given how uninfluential (sadly) libertarianism is in elections, it’s hard to see how a much smaller movement could have any material influence on elections. We’d expected a Ron or Rand Paul presidency long before a fourth Reich presidency.

Refuted by Voting Trends

Obama garnered more of the white vote than Bush before him, hardly a sign of systemic racism from white America. Trump won by winning ex-Obama supporters.

Consider Trumbull County, Ohio, a Democrat stronghold for decades due to the ubiquitous presence of blue-collar union workers from the now-shuttered steel mills. Once prosperous, today it is overwhelmingly white with high rates of poverty.

Shuttered steelmill from Trumbull, County, Ohio

Trumbull county’s economic engine

Obama won there twice by a 20 point margin, as did John Kerry and Al Gore and down ballot Democrats from Congressmen to county commissioners.

This year the Democrats at all levels again won by similar margins with one notable exception: Clinton. Trumbull shifted towards Trump, giving him a 7 point lead. Put another way, more than one in four of Trumbull’s loyal Democrat voters defected to Trump! This happened all over the Midwest, handing Trump his victory.

The only way we can credit Trump’s rise to systemic racism, given results like the above, is if we believe these racist Trumpites are mostly Democrats who supported a black president more than Bush, McCain, and Romney. Fortunately, the Dixiecrat wing of the Democrats died with Clinton’s pal Robert Byrd years ago.

So no, Trump did not win from a rising tide of cross-burning rednecks. Trump was elected by convincing white voters who had previously supported Obama’s message of hope but now see Obama as having not only failed to deliver that promised hope but made their financial hardships all the worse with Obamacare’s completely predictable rising premiums and rising health insurance deductibles, among other failures.

The Real Racial Influence

But there is a racial component to this election. The left more and more these days lectures white America on white privilege, patriarchy, and other phantoms that don’t actually exist in any significant measure nationwide. (In some regional pockets, yes, like Louisiana, but not nationwide.)

When you are trying to make ends meet in a town where the steel mills died, when you support civil rights and fairness for the little guy, when you voted for Obama with hope for the future, and all you got in return from your party besides less affordable health care are shrill screams about your white privilege and your patriarchy, well, let’s just say that is not a winning strategy.

The Democrat establishment has allowed their racist fringe left to become their mainstream left. And if you don’t believe the left is racist, please read TJ Brown’s experience with Black Lives Matters, a movement Clinton fully embraced as mainstream.

This poses a problem for future race relations. It’s a proven fact that over time people behave the way you treat them. If you want your employees to perform better, treat them like successful winners and they will become better winners. Treat them like losers and they will become losers. If you want bigotry to become the mainstream of white America, the best way to do that is to keep accusing them of being bigots, which is exactly what the left is doing.

Obama endorsed in 2008 and 2012 elections by Communist Party USA

Not an actual communist presidency

Yes, there are racist groups celebrating Trump’s victory just the same as the Communist Party USA endorsed and celebrated Obama’s victory. Communists weren’t actually taking over America nor had any influence on his victory any more Trump’s fringe supporters can be believed to have any sort of influential movement. Let us hope that the creeping advance of racism on the left becomes expelled out of the mainstream and back to the fringe where it belongs.