Enough time has passed that we can start assessing Trump’s pro-liberty accomplishments. First on the list is that Trump allegedly ended the program of arming Syrian rebels. Assuming it wasn’t just turned into a CIA black op, this is a good step forward in reducing the odds of terrorist blowback.

Unfortunately, that is the end of Trump’s pro-liberty accomplishments. Here is how the rest of his presidency has stacked up.

Foreign Policy Failures

Trump reversed his pledge to avoid nation building and Middle Eastern wars that are of no interest to Americans by bombing Syrian president Assad. And recently he’s announced an escalation of the troops in Afghanistan, a country he promised to pull out of.

He reinstated travel and business restrictions with Cuba that had been lifted by Obama. This one of the very rare good things Obama did, and Trump wasted no time undoing it.

Domestic Failures

At a time when concerns are rising over police violence, he joked that cops should rough up their victims.

Nearly 6,000 killed in Duterte's war on drugs.

Trump praised these murders.

For the harmful war on drugs, he told Filipino president Duterte that Duterte did an “unbelievable job on the drug problem.” If you aren’t familiar, this involves the government murdering drug offenders without a trial, sometimes government thugs gunning people down in the streets. In addition, his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, thinking this is the 1980s, is preparing a major escalation of state violence against marijuana.

Donald Trump: Stop and frisk! Civil asset forfeiture! We're the best! Domestic surveillance! Libertarian ball: King George must be fapping in his grave. Donald Trump: Somebody pee on me!Speaking of Jeff Sessions, he is also pushing through a way to bypass state bans on civil asset forfeiture. For those not familiar, civil asset forfeiture is a way government seizes your property without a trial and without compensation. I can’t even begin to explain how this is constitutional, but since when has a piece of paper stopped federal overreach? Due to public outrage, some states banned their law enforcement agencies from engaging in the practice. Now the feds will do it on their behalf and, if the local cops cooperate, siphon some of the profits into the local police agency. This was prohibited under Obama, another of his rare good moments. Now Sessions’ policy will allow local cops to profit from civil asset forfeiture even if their states banned them from doing so.

Donald Trump holding a sign that says, "We love Obamacare."He failed in his non-repeal of Obamacare. I call it a non-repeal because the American Healthcare Act he supported just made minor tweaks to Obamacare, leaving the vast majority of the law in place, so not really repealing much of anything. It would arguably have made things worse: it would have repealed the mandate to buy insurance but left stand the requirement insurance companies “cover” preexisting conditions. “Covering” preexisting anything is not insurance, which by definition is something that insures against a future event. Just try to imagine life insurance that covers pre-existing deaths or home insurance that covers pre-existing fires: Obamacare and Trump’s replacement were equally ridiculous. Why would anyone buy health insurance when they can just wait until they are in the hospital and then purchase a plan? Trump’s non-repeal bill would have just made only sick people buy health insurance while healthy people wait it out. This would have obliterated the private health insurance market, leaving the champions of socialized medicine to swoop in to “save” the day.

Cop and dog with military grade vehicle, weapons, and other equipment.

Trump’s vision for your local cops.

Last and worst of all, Trump is restoring a program to send military weapons and equipment to police (another program Obama rightfully suspended). This allows the feds to give your local police department grenade launchers, weaponized drones, tanks, and other armored vehicles. Because small towns like Keene, NH with a murder rate of zero don’t have enough tank-like vehicles to protect their pumpkin festivals from terrorism.


Some liberty activists got excited about Trump. If you are one of them, I get how his campaign rhetoric and your justifiable hatred of Clinton may have drawn you to him. We won’t hold your misguided vote against you. But hopefully this article serves as a reality check. Trump has clearly displayed himself as a statist authoritarian. Not only has he promoted approximately no pro-liberty policies, he’s even undone the handful of good things Obama did. And I never thought I’d use “good things” and “Obama” in the same sentence, which goes to show how poorly Trump has performed.