The niece of Marine Le Pen gave a keynote speech at CPAC this past weekend. For those unfamiliar, Marine leads a party that her father founded as more or less a French National Socialist (Nazi) party. Marine has tempered the party. No longer referring to the Nazi occupation of France as “not particularly inhumane” and homosexuality as “a biological and social anomaly,” the party now embraces Jews and gays while espousing strong anti-Islamic nationalism. Though one can be sure elements of the old party still remain.

As CPAC listens to Marine Le Pen we are reminded of what has been the most unique aspect of the Trump presidency: the rise of right-wing extremism in the form of nationalism. Nationalists have had no place in mainstream American politics since time immemorial, but today we have a nationalist in the White House. And underneath any nationalist movement one can always find a subset of racial nationalists like those we saw at Charlottesville this last summer with their Confederate flags and swastikas.

Trump is not the cause of this movement but rather the product of it. The real cause comes from the left.

Historical Pendulums

This is a common historical phenomenon. Bush’s endless wars caused Obama’s rise to power. The Democrats’ Vietnam War and leftist race riots empowered the rise of Nixon. We can thank France’s mistreatment of Germany in the 1920s for giving us Hitler. Credit for the founding of Protestantism in 1517 goes to the blatant corruption of Catholic popes.

Nationalist right-wing extremism isn’t just on the rise in America. Nationalism in Europe has always been on the fringe because rivalries between its many nationalist movements is what led to the bloodiest wars both Europe and the world have ever seen. Yet today these movements have had their best elections since the 1940s.

The European left can blame themselves for this. The extreme left of Europe treats immigration dogma like a religious fundamentalist treats Biblical dogma. Being justifiably opposed to racism, they unjustifiably fear even the slightest restriction on immigration, no matter how rational, would give sanction to racism. As a result, they insist on importing millions of people from very violent nations, including nations full of people who have legitimate historical grudges against the West and full of men who oppose human rights for women and gays.

The end result of this policy should be unsurprising: mass shootings (despite gun control, or perhaps because of it), bombings, and other violent crimes. The end result of subjecting a nation to such policies is equally predictable: large masses of people flock to the fringe nationalist parties promising to swing as far in the opposite direction as possible.

Had the European left embraced rational immigration policies instead of open borders, Marine Le Pen’s party would have remained fringe and Britain would not be exiting the EU. Therefore, the European left is the cause of these events.

Leftist Lunacy = Ridiculous Rightist Reaction

This brings us to why right-wing extremism has been popular in the US recently: leftist political correctness. Consider the following.

  • The University of Delaware had a program where RAs kept lists of students’ beliefs and disciplined students who did not show progress in adopting “correct” beliefs. (Thank FIRE for ending that.)
  • College leftists react to different opinions by shouting them down with swear words or unleashing the Trigglypuff 5-year-old temper tantrum.
  • University leftists riot and destroy their campus when Milo shows up, and then the university blames Milo rather than the people who actually perpetrated the violence. In some cases the cops even threaten to stand down and let the left physically attack right-wing speakers.
  • Feminists complain about the patriarchy oppressing women at universities despite the fact women outnumber men both in admissions and graduation rates by a factor of 50%.
  • Professors at the University of California are banned from referring to America as “the land of opportunity.”
  • One university apologized for serving Mexican food at a sci-fi event. In case you are too rational to see the illogical connection, leftist activists somehow believed the sci-fi was about associating aliens from space with illegal aliens from Mexico. One professor claimed that the buffet somehow “caused harm.”

One of my favorites is how a university promoted a paper claiming that global warming is sexist and racist. Here’s a choice quote:

Merging feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology, the feminist glaciology framework generates robust analysis of gender, power, and epistemologies in dynamic social-ecological systems, thereby leading to more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions.

And here’s an explanation of how global warming intersects with patriarchy and Western racism. Note the references to “folk glaciologies” and “Western science,” implying that there can be more than one type of science and that alternative folk knowledge is just as legit as the scientific method.

Feminist glaciology builds from feminist postcolonial science studies, analyzing not only gender dynamics and situated knowledges, but also alternative knowledges and folk glaciologies that are generally marginalized through colonialism, imperialism, inequality, unequal power relations, patriarchy, and the domination of Western science.

This political correctness is not new. Recall in 2006 the Duke lacrosse team was accused of rape by a black woman. Without evidence of whether the accusations were true, lacrosse was disbanded and the team’s coach fired. By the time the dust cleared, it was proven that the accuser lied about everything and the Democrat prosecutor took the case despite knowing she lied in order to score points with black voters in a re-election campaign.

Not Just Universities

Mostly this nonsense happens at universities, as the above examples show. But consider Justine Sacco. She went on a trip to South Africa. She had family there, activists for racial equality in Nelson Mandela’s party. As she boarded her plane, she Tweeted: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” It was sarcasm, meant to mock how she believed ignorant white Americans viewed Africa. Yet by the time her plan landed, it was the #1 trending tweet on Twitter, she had been fired from her job, and leftist activists were waiting at the airport to film her disembarking from her plane.

Elsewhere around the country:

  • The most racially progressive blockbuster film, “Black Panther,” is panned by the left for not having any gay characters.
  • Seattle city employees are forbidden from saying “brown bag” because that is somehow racist for reasons I can’t fathom.
  • Social media platforms go to great lengths to ban right-wing extremists while letting violent antifa and communist extremists express themselves freely.
  • Mainstream media provides accurate portrayals of violent white nationalists, yet they go to lengths to defend antifa as seeking peace and suppress coverage of their extreme violence. A CNN reporter even spoke at a violent antifa event to support them.
  • Some leftist activists are changing the definition of racism so only whites can be called racist. Not just an ideology of hate, they want the definition “racism” to include having power. Even if this were rational (it isn’t), an unemployed white family in rural Wisconsin would be shocked to learn they have power while the prosecutor in the above Duke lacrosse team did not.

The Pendulum Swings

The Democratic Party long ago abandoned its mantra of being the party of all poor people and has instead become the party of black racial and other identity politics. Impoverished unionized rural America had once been the backbone of the Democratic Party. With the left’s embrace of identity politics, they no longer felt welcome in the Democratic Party and gravitated to the first person who showed empathy for their hardships. And when the left decided to frame politics through racial identity, how do you think the people they alienated reacted? By also viewing politics through the lens of racial identity.

The mainstream right-wing (Republicans) complain about political correctness but have never done anything about it. They are too afraid to be called a bad name by a journalist to oppose it. Yet 71% of Americans say political correctness silences important discussions, and 58% have political views they are fearful of sharing (full story here).

Americans are disgusted with political correctness, and no one should be surprised they gave power to the first serious presidential candidate to campaign on crushing it. If leftists stayed out of identity politics, ignored people like Milo, stopped making ridiculous claims of oppression (which only trains society to ignore when a legitimate claim does arise), and stopped engaging in witch hunts to fire people and ruin their lives for holding a non-leftist opinion, then Trump would not be our president.

To those from the extreme left who hate Trump the most, you have yourselves and your identity politics to blame for it. Yet to those who love Trump, the worse the idiots on your side behave, the more likely we will be to swing back to leftist lunacy.

It’s all a pendulum swinging from one direction to another, and those of us who are disgusted by both sides are, like Jordan Page, caught in the middle.