More important than winning elections is winning hearts and minds of young people. Connor Boyack of the Libertas Insititute has made an important effort to this end.

The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll IslandA parent dismayed at the lack of books to teach liberty to very young children, Connor has taken it upon himself to create books to teach economics to children aged 5 through 10. In these books the young Tuttle twins go through adventures based on literature with which you may already be familiar: I Pencil, The Creature from Jekyll Island, The Law, and The Road to Serfdom (or in this case, The Road to Surfdom). They also use their experience with a lemonade stand to defend a local food truck family business against the city bureaucracy.

The Tuttle Twins and the Road to Surfdom

The author is working to get these books into classrooms to help undo the damage done by public schooling. This is an important project well worthy of your support. The more successful it can be, the more new books can be written in the future, and the more likely it will be to inspire other creative talent to create even more such educational material.

Please watch this video and then click the links below to offer your support of this initiative.

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Click here to see the selection of books and purchase some for your own kids. Perfect for home schoolers and classroom schoolers alike!