Shockingly, the Clinton Foundation never turned into a major scandal during the election. There was suspicious activity there, but it never had a large “smoking gun” to show criminality. Yet I believe there was a scandal there that the media never pursued.

Defenders of the Clintons noted that they never received monetary benefit. This, of course, is irrelevant under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Under that law, if a low level employee of a foreign company donates to my favorite charity in exchange for a favor from me, and that company is even partially owned by a foreign government, then I could be charged with accepting a bribe. There is ample evidence that this occurred with numerous donations to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for access to Clinton’s State Department.

And of course Bill Clinton used Foundation funds to fly himself all over the world on vacations, provided he could somehow link the paid vacation to supporting the foundation’s work.

But lets give the Clintons the benefit of the doubt and assume none of the above happened. How could the Clintons use the foundation in their favor? It dawned on me when I read this article that it could be a way to get tax-deductible election campaign funds.

Money Laundering Your Campaign Through Charity

That story is about Grads for Life, a “charity” that supports youth looking for jobs. It isn’t a real charity. The stupid Ad Council used your stolen taxes to make some ads for them. It comes out of a program called Year Up in partnership with the Clinton Foundation. They stole millions upon millions of your taxes in subsidies, according to their tax form 990. That makes it a government program masquerading as a charity.

Notably, Hillary Clinton hosted launch of this program at a Clinton Foundation event.

This shows how the Clinton Foundation can serve as a money laundering operation. You donated tax-deductible money to the Clinton Foundation for access to the Clintons or State Department, then Hillary Clinton could use it to have PR events where she gets in front of crowds and cameras to show how much she cares. When you run for office, every time your face is in front of the camera it is a campaign event even if you’re not “officially” campaigning. So it’s like a tax-deductible charitable campaign fund.

Putting aside private donors, according to tax filings, about a third of the Clinton Foundation “donations” were laundered through the IRS and various federal bureaucrats. How much of those funds were diverted into the foundation to by bureaucrats curry favor from DC power brokers with influence over the bureaucrats’ jobs and budgets?

Since the IRS gives millions upon millions of your money to the Clinton Foundation, Year Up, and probably many more Clinton Foundation partnerships, you can count your past 1040 forms as Clinton campaign donations.

I admit this article is not very timely since the election and the Clinton era are finished. Nonetheless, it’s worth keeping in mind in case we see the same scheme appear with future would-be rulers.