The election is unfolding to be a choice between sex or nukes. But first, some background…

These have been a bad few weeks for Hillary Clinton. WikiLeaks dumped embarrassing e-mails from her campaign staff. An undercover video was released showing Clinton and DNC operatives bragging about inciting false-flag violence at Trump rallies. Another video showed the same operatives explaining how they register illegal voters and bus them into a state to stuff the ballot with illegal votes, confirming Trump’s claims that rigged elections happen. And speaking of rigging, in addition to the previous e-mail leaks showing the DNC rigging the primary for Clinton over Sanders, more e-mails leaked this week show a DNC staffer probably gave primary debate questions to Clinton in advance.

Meanwhile, citing continued US provocations against Russia by Obama, Kerry, and his predecessor Clinton, Putin is preparing Russia for nuclear war with the US. If you missed it, Obama has been waging a proxy war against Russia from his violent overthrow of Russia’s ally in Lybia, the CIA/Soros sponsored peaceful overthrow of Ukraine’s pro-Russia government with a pro-America government, and most recently in trying to overthrow another Russian ally: Syria. We also mustn’t forget about the missiles that the USA (with Clinton’s past support as Secretary of State) is placing next to Russia’s borders.

It takes a Hillary to raze a village.

The Hillary Clinton foreign policy.

Clinton stated her #1 priority in Syria is to violently overthrow its government and trigger WW-III with Russia. She’s even threatened to bomb Russia and China if they hack her e-mail again. (OK, I’m exaggerating. She said she would bomb them in response to cyber attacks. But, she has referred to her e-mail leaks as “cyber attacks” from the Russians!) It’s so bad that even Green Party candidate Jill Stein says Clinton is more likely to plunge us into nuclear war with Russia than Trump.

Wrong: Clinton’s Great Weeks!

Actually, I lied: it’s been a great few weeks for Clinton!

All the talking heads on TV, even Republicans, have criticized Trump’s accusations of vote rigging as dangerous and for having no evidence despite the video mentioned above where that clearly shows elections are in fact rigged. Now the latest outrage is that in the final debate Trump wouldn’t commit in advance to accepting the results of a potentially rigged election.

Meanwhile, as the world inches closer to a nuclear conflagration, the media and public are more concerned with whether or not Trump groped a woman on a plane 30 years ago. Trump has said stupid things that make these stories not just plausible but even likely. Personally I’d be surprised if he never has grabbed a woman. But to give it context, unlike the vote rigging there is no actual evidence to verify these women’s claims; it’s all hearsay. Naturally, the unproven sex gossip stories dominate the news over a verified election fraud scheme.

Donald Trump as a TSA agent groping a woman's crotch. Caption: "Keeping America safe."

Groping: the most pressing issue facing our world.

The Myth of the Rational Voter

There is a myth that democracy is rational voters casting ballots for the best interest of the nation. Some say it’s a myth because in reality rational voters cast ballots for their own greed at the expense of everyone else. But that is also false: the myth is the part about voters being rational.

I have to hand it to the Democrats, they know how to win an election. Ballot stuffing is most certainly as old as democracy itself, but their real genius is how they control the message.

When Democrats stage fake actions that make the public think Trump supporters are a bunch of violent red necks, they win votes. No one wants to view himself as a violent redneck, and by associating violent rednecks with Trump, human psychology makes voters want to be on the other side. Trump’s actual stance on issues are largely irrelevant: once we humans know which side feels right to us they we will then find or make up the reasons to justify that outcome.

The average person doesn’t care how Lybia, Ukraine, and Syria have been proxy wars between the US and Russia, how Obama and Clinton’s meddling in these countries is bringing us closer war with Russia, how US actions in the Middle East empowered ISIS, how Clinton has threatened to bomb Russia for hacking her e-mails, how the missile “defense” along Russia’s border are allegedly to prevent an Iranian nuke makes no sense when Obama claims to have negotiated a deal that prevents Iran from getting nukes, how Obama is violating the 1968 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by spending $1,000,000,000,000(!) on rebuilding nukes, etc.

A horny old man featured in the celebrity gossip pages for being unable to control his sexual urges, now that they can understand and relate to! Sex is more important to the American voters than nukes. The DNC understands this, they’ve kept the media on this message, and it’s paid them dividends.

Hillary Clinton's foreign policy - bombs and nukes

Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy, less important than the Donald’s sex drive.

The Democratic party understands that appealing to people’s rational mind and playing by the rules is how to be a loser. The path to victory is in the irrational mind and making your own rules for the game.

(And of course a little old fashioned ballot stuffing can’t hurt!)