Is Donald J. Trump the most evil president to take office? Many of his opponents would have you believe so. The hysteria against trump is beyond any president in modern history, even surpassing the anti-Obama reaction from the fringe right. There’s even a dating website for helping Americans meet Canadians for romance so that they can flee to Canada and escape Trump’s evil dictatorship.

But let’s put this into perspective.

Has Trump expressed support for secretly infecting blacks with syphilis? If not then he’s less evil than countless bureaucrats working in federal health department who did just that for forty years and the presidents who created the evil system that enabled it.

Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill

Genocidal maniac.

Has he advocated genociding Mexicans and kicking them off their land to make room for white Americans to colonize? If not then he is less evil than the man celebrated on the Federal Reserve’s $20 bill, Andrew Jackson.

Filipino victims of the Spanish American War

McKinley’s most notable work.

Has he voiced support for genociding hundreds of thousands Muslims in the Middle East with the stated intent that America will colonize their land and Christianize the survivors? If not then Trump is less evil than William McKinley and his war against Filipinos.

Has he proposed using chemical weapons in war? If not then he is less evil than Woodrow Wilson, who did just that in WW-I.

Hiroshima nuclear fallout mushroom cloud

Not Trump’s handiwork.

Has he proposed rounding up all foreign Arabs into concentration camps and then nuking their home cities in the Middle East? If not then he’s less evil than the president whose portrait is celebrated on the dime, Franklin Roosevelt, and his predecessor Harry Truman, who did just that to the Japanese people.

Has he proposed irradiating people, waterways, and animal habitat overseas to test larger and larger nuclear bombs? If not then he is less evil than when Dwight Eisenhower nuked the inhabited Bikini Atoll year after year all eight years of his presidency.

Naked girl fleeing in the Vietnam War

Also not Trump’s doing.

Has he advocated for an unwinnable war on the scale of Vietnam? If not then he is less evil than Lyndon Johnson.

Has he argued for bombing Iran, bombing Syria, overthrowing the government of Libya, invading Iraq, unending war in Afghanistan, and bombing numerous other countries all the while? Destabilizing the entire Middle East and creating millions of displaced refugees pouring into Europe and elsewhere? If not then he’s less evil than Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

Did he kill more Muslim children than were killed by Truman’s nuking of Hiroshima, and, when asked about it, respond by saying “the price is worth it”? If not then he’s less evil than Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright.

Branch Davidian compound in Waco being burned

Trump hasn’t done this yet.

Has he killed large sums of American families by burning them alive, shooting them, and poisoning them with cyanide, including burning, shooting, and poisoning their children? If not then he’s less evil than Bill Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno. (I’m referring to Waco, if you don’t recall.)


This is not a defense of Trump. Trump is bad. His threats of tariffs will wreck the economy and increase the odds of hostile relations with other countries. He threatens to ratchet up the war on drugs and the harm, sometimes deadly harm, it does to innocent people. He advocates even greater militarization of the already too militarized police. His stupid border wall will drive up massive taxpayer debt that can’t be repaid. All these things are bad.

But is he uniquely evil? History says no. Plenty of other presidents have set that bar very high, and Trump hasn’t come close to reaching it. He has four years to do so and probably will move closer to that bar, if history is any guide. But as of now he has not implemented nor even proposed policies remotely close to reaching that bar.

Bombed out building in Iraq

Clinton’s work (or Bush’s or Obama’s?), but not yet Trump’s.