Clinton vs. Trump. In this election we are faced with a choice of two candidates for president unlike any pairing we have ever seen in American history. Their erudite grasp of the issues is astounding. Regardless of who wins, this election will go down in the history books. And while one or the other candidate might be stronger on this or that issue, I think we can honestly say many things about the two that makes the choice clear.

  • Nobody is more honest and has more humility than these two candidates.
  • Nobody respects and champions your rights more.
  • Nobody listens to we Americans more than them.
  • Nobody can better bring together our divided country, bridging both our economic divisions and racial divisions.
  • Nobody has the best interest of the country in mind more than them.
  • Nobody is better suited to manage our nation’s economy and balance the budget.
  • Nobody has a more solid grasp of world affairs.
  • Nobody possesses the diplomatic skills, international respect, and historical acumen to resolve the problems in the Middle East, achieve world peace, and end all wars.

And that is why I’m voting for nobody in this election. The choice is clear! Nobody 2016: leadership we can trust!

Nobody 2016