Winning the culture for liberty comes before winning minds and elections. In support of that comes “Veracity,” the debut album of BackWordz with front man Eric July and an accompanying live tour.

Slipknot vs. Justin Bieber

Who’d you rather listen to?

BackWordz hit the liberty scene last year dropping several singles on YouTube. Their sound leans towards early oughts metal rock with an interspersing of rap that I for one sorely miss. Good hard driving rock has slowly faded away with greats like Slipknot, Korn, and Tool giving way to abominations like Lady Gaga and the Biebster.

Now you can get quality rock without the leftist drivel. (I want to like to Rage Against the Machine, an amazingly talented group, but damn their lyrics make them hard to listen to!) Full on ancap libertarianism laid down to headbanging riffs, what could be better?!

BackWordz "Veracity" album coverGive this band your support! Check out their tour calender and see them live, starting in a Cleveland suburb on March 15th. Pre-order “Veracity” with swag bundles ranging from posters to “Taxation Is Theft” shirts. It will be well worth your dollars, and you’ll be supporting the growth of a liberty culture as an added bonus.

While you wait for their tour to come through your town, enjoy some BackWords online!